How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators

How To Protect Your Child From Online Predators

It’s no longer news that child predators have taken to plying their dirty trade online. The perpetrators of the despicable act of child predation take advantage of the anonymity that the internet provides. And hide behind false avatars, profiles and persona to connect with and sexually victimize children online. According to, a staggering 45 million photos and videos were identified as child sexual abuse material in 2018 alone. Just imagine that, millions graphic content of exploited kids being shared online by perverts. As a parent, you’re responsible for your child’s safety online and that’s probably why you’re here looking for how to protect your child from online predators. We’ve researched the topic and are going to take through important steps you can take to protect your child from online predators. Read on for more information.

The bulk of the responsibility for child online safety falls on parents. Law enforcement agencies and a number of organizations are working hard at tackling the problem of child sexual abuse online. However, they encounter a lot of challenges that include reluctant tech companies and ingenious child predators. This is why your active role in protecting your child on the internet is important. You can do this by:

Discussing internet safety and set rules

As your children grow old enough to surf the internet by themselves, it’s important that you teach them the proper ways to interact with other people online. You can start telling them these things as soon as they’re able to watch and understand those funny videos you enjoy. As you watch such videos together, make a practise of leaving polite, helpful and encouraging comments on people’s content. As you do this, your kid gets a chance to learn from your example. Use the opportunity to introduce internet safety discussions and how to differentiate between safe and unsafe interactions online.

You know it’s time to talk about rules of internet use and engagement, when they start surfing the web on their own, playing online multiplayer games and having social media accounts. Help them understand how these rules will keep them from being abused or bullied online. Involve them in the creation of these rules. That way, they take part in deciding how much time they spend on the internet and the type of content they can access.

Another great way to create online safety awareness in your child is by encouraging open discussions and communication in your family. Have conversations about the dangers that can be encountered on the internet; dangers like predators, fraudsters, cyber bullies and trolls. When kids have these conversations at home, they become aware of these things and will tread with caution when they’re using the internet. Another benefit of having open discussions is that it’ll help your kids be more comfortable about coming to you with any problematic or interesting encounters they have online. It’ll also create openings for other subjects that are important to kids, like sexuality.

Try out new apps and games with your child

This will help you identify which features place your child at risk and which are helpful. Features like a privacy setting that allows the user to control who views their profile and those that allow a user block certain contacts are good. You’ll also get to enjoy the added benefits of doing something your kid enjoys with him and build stronger connections. Just remember to approach each of these new experiences with an open mind.

If your child has any social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc) or blogs, try following them. Watch their statuses, stories and posts as these are often popular avenues for self-expression among youth. Talk to them about any concerns you may have with their content. But avoid doing so on their pages to avoid embarrassing them; do it privately at home via messaging apps instead.

Know the warning signs to look out for in children

We may be talking about how to protect your child from online predators but there’s a high chance that one is in contact with your child already. A child who’s being groomed by an online predator may become suddenly obsessed with being online. And they may become secretive about their online activities which can lead to deleting browsing history or changing screens when you come close. A related sign might be an unusual withdrawal from family and friends. They may stop being as communicative as they used to be or stop putting effort into expressing themselves. Another thing that might indicate contact with a predator is the sudden appearance of gifts and cash. When your child starts receiving such things, pay attention and quickly put a stop to it.

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Children who engage in risky online behaviours should also be closely watched as they’re at a higher chance of being contacted by online predators. A child might start asking for more money or looking for ways to dupe you, this may be a sign that they’re being blackmailed for cash by a predator.

Know warnings signs of an online predator

Online predators are deliberate, manipulative and exploitative. They hide behind fake accounts to access and connect with children on the sites that they visit. They’ll stalk their victims and take the time to groom them to the point where the child will comply with their demands. Predators will comment on a child’s pictures, chat them up and ask for personal questions. They’ll even make sexual comments, ask sexually intimate questions or even request a face-to-face meeting offline. Teach your child to report such encounters to you and block such persons. Teach them to never share such personal information with strangers online or plan to meet offline.

Consider monitoring apps or parental control apps

This is a tricky one as not many parents are comfortable with the thought of spying on their kids. But if you already talked about internet safety and rules from the beginning, a monitoring app can be discussed too. Your child might protest but tell them that as their parent, having such an app on their devices would give you some peace of mind. Let them understand that the more responsible they are online, the less closely you’ll be monitoring them. In addition to allowing you to monitor time spent by your child on apps, our keep me safe family app, allows you to chat privately with connected devices. It’ll also send you notifications if your child steps out of your predefined locations.

The most important way parents can protect their children from online predators is by encouraging good rapport between them. People make mistakes and children, in their naivety, are wont to make a lot of mistakes. Predators capitalise on the feelings of guilt in their victims to wreak their havoc. However, if a child is able to open up to their parent or an adult they trust, they’ll be more resilient in their handling of online dangers.



As a new parent, your most important task is taking care of your baby. Babies require attention while being nursed, to protect them from harm like falling into harmful objects. Although your baby might not be crawling or walking yet, there are certain ways harm could come to him or her if not properly taken care of. Therefore, to avoid sad stories, you must look out for potentially harmful or dangerous objects within your home. 

One of the best ways to protect your child is to baby-proof the house. Baby-proofing a house simply means taking strict measures and precautions in safeguarding your home and environment against hazards, objects or substances that could hurt or kill a baby. 

Baby-proofing can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. However, with good guidelines, you can easily adapt to it. That is why we are here to guide you. The first thing to ask yourself when you want to baby proof your home is,

Which baby-proof products can I get for my home?

Here are some essential baby-proof products to get you started with:

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Smoke Detector 

Smoke is a very small carbon particle and tiny droplets of tar. It is a very harmful substance. Inhaling smoke could cause itch or damage to your throat, larynx, or even oesophagus. Now, if this could hurt an adult, how much more of a baby. Because babies are so tender, inhaling could lead to choking or even death. Smoke detectors are devices that sense smoke, extreme heat or even fire; and alerts you. Installing this device in your home will protect your baby and even you from harm. 

Temperature Guard

Parents need a simple way to ensure the bath temperature of their baby is accurate. You wouldn’t want to risk bathing your child in high-temperature water. A temperature guard protects your baby from heat, cold, and water damage. Install one on your water heater at a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius).

Non-slip Rug Pads

Non-slip rug pads can be used over hard-surface floors to prevent your child from slipping and falling. With its open weave construction, it helps allow the rug to breathe, therefore preventing bunching and shifting. It softens your rug, making it more comfortable to walk on.

Safety Tassels and Cord Stops

Corded window coverings or curtains pose a major danger to babies and children. Curtain cords are infamous for the choking risk they pose to small children. It has been identified as one of the most hazardous objects in the home This is why using this product is essential. A safety tassel or cord stop helps prevent strangulation from curtain cords by keeping them out of your baby’s way. You can get one with a transparent design that is unnoticeable.

Invisible Magnetic Safety Locks

This keeps your baby out of trouble. Children are very adventurous and may go around opening all the shelves and cabinets in the house. Even if the cabinets or wardrobe holds nothing dangerous, using this product will reduce your stress level as a parent. You won’t have to run around to restrain your child. All you have to do is stick the safety lock to the inside of your cupboard with a tape. Close the door and the magnet will keep it locked, out of your baby’s reach. You can always open the cabinet with a key whenever you want to use it.

Doorknob Products

Ever had worries over being locked out by your child, or have you experienced this? Well, worry no more, with this product you don’t have to be paranoid over losing entry into your own house. It ensures that the doorway leading to other places in the house like bathrooms, store, kitchen, balcony, inaccessible to your baby. It also prevents curious kids from going outside.

Baby-Proofing Electrical Outlet Covers

Electric shock is reportedly one of the highest causes of most home accidents and deaths. You wouldn’t want this sort of tragedy for your baby, would you? Electrical outlets and cords are some of the most dangerous parts of a home that you must keep out from your children’s reach. To avoid your baby being exposed to electric gadgets, simply install this device in your electrical outlets. Once the electric outlets are sealed, your kids won’t go poking their hands in there. Do this for cords too, as babies would chase around everything new to their eyes.

Baby Gate for Stairs

If your house has stairs, you may have calculated the risk factors of having your baby around those stairs. You can’t always limit your child’s movements. He could get adventurous someday and try climbing down those stairs. Or he could be trying to follow you around the house. Now, with this product, you don’t need to worry so much about your baby tripping or falling when near a stair. This product will stop babies in their tracks or at least slows them down enough until you arrive.

TV and Furniture Anchors 

A small toddler out of curiosity would want to climb over furniture or push things over. This item could move while the toddler struggles with it. This can harm the child if it moves or falls. Even without your toddler touching it, there is every possibility that these things can tip over without caution. To prevent such occurrences, use this product to properly anchor your furniture into place.

Window Bars

Windows above ground level should be properly secured. Make sure to remove any furniture or objects that allow easy access to the window. It’s best to keep your windows shut when not in use, or when you are not close by to monitor your child. However, if you must keep your windows open while a baby is present, then make no haste in purchasing this product. They are a must-have to prevent falls. You baby or toddler’s safety is assured even when they try pushing the window open themselves. 

Baby Monitor

It’s important to be able to monitor your baby while you’re in the other room, without having to go back and forth to check on him or her. With a baby monitor, you can easily keep tabs on your child when you are not closeby. It makes it easier for you to do your chores while also keeping a constant check on your baby. Make sure you place it in a lighted area, and scout for obstacles that might prevent a decent recording. It’s best to buy a monitor that comes with an audio recorder for easy surveillance. Nanny cams could also come in handy. 

Baby-Proofing Corner Guards

A baby can easily tip over and fall. They can also get hurt by the sharp edges of your wall or furniture. You can use padding or soft patches to cover all edges that might be of concern. Using corner guards will prevent your toddler from accidentally slamming into sharp corners and edges while walking or crawling.

Baby-Proofing Toilet Lid Cover

Prevent your toddler or children from making use of toilet water by securing the lid from their reach. Always keep the lid shut, and ensure your child doesn’t learn how it is opened.

Keeping a close eye on your baby is essential for the child’s safety. Finding proper products could sometimes be conflicting, especially when you intend making it adult-friendly. Make sure to thoroughly consider the pros and cons of each product you intend buying. Sensitising the adults in your home about these safety measures would help to ensure proper use of these baby-proof gadgets.

While checking out these baby proof products, you may also want to explore other home security devices. Building your home security system just got easier with The KeepMeSafe Family Locator Tracker. 

It is an app that helps you keep tabs of your loved ones wherever they are to ensure that they are safe. It has a GPS tracker, video & audio recording, SOS signals and chats! 

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Do Safety Shoes Expire?

Do Safety Shoes Expire?

When we go grocery shopping, we pay particular attention to expiry dates. We even tend to check our kitchen and pantries occasionally to ensure that our supplies don’t go to waste. This applies to many other personal, household and work supplies. Yet, not many people have ever thought to ask “do safety shoes expire?”

A common misconception people hold is that the durability of safety shoes is assured by its ability to withstand impacts and as a result, they don’t expire. In fact, several old artisans boast of their “rugged boots” that last a lifetime!

The truth, however, is that safety shoes expire! Irrespective of how solid or good looking a safety shoe is, it’s important that you know when to give it the boot. For this reason, we have written on everything you need to know about safety shoe expiration. Read along!


It is not uncommon to see workers continue to wear their expired or extremely worn out safety footwear. One may get a perfect pair of protective footwear and several years down the line they still seem alright and the thought of disposing them seem outrageous.

Safety shoes are designed to protect the feet but when expired are dangerous to the feet. They can cause foot injuries and back pain, lead to trips, slips, and falls, and possible death.

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With the knowledge that safety shoes expire, it is important that we are able to tell when they have expired. There are several ways you can do this, including:

  • Check the expiration date
  • Look out for warning signs of expired or damaged safety shoes

Check the expiration date

An expiry date refers to a set date after which a product ceases to be fit for use or consumption. Safety shoes typically have expiry dates set for about 6 to 12 months from their manufacturing date.

Many safety boots have their expiry dates on them. This is usually indicated by a clock-like symbol on their soles. The numbers of the clock refer to months. So whatever number the hand of the clock points to is its expiration month. The two digits on either side of the hand refer to the year.
Additionally, the expiration date may be written on the package/ box of your safety shoes.

Look out for warning signs of expired or damaged safety shoes

Asides expiration dates, there are signs safety shoes exhibit that may as well mean “a cry for change”. These signs include:

  • Worn-out soles
  • Poor Insulating/ waterproof ability
  • Reduced comfort
  • Gaping mouths/ fronts
  • Chemical attack
  • Excessive usage

Worn-out soles

This is one glaring indication that denotes a deteriorated safety boot. Worn-out outsoles signify that a safety boot has lost its impact resistance or shock-absorbing properties. Such shoes are also dangerous because they have a reduced ability to protect the feet from sharp objects. Holes in your soles are bad too. Furthermore, there is a marked decrease in the shoes’ grip and skid resistance.

Poor Insulating/ waterproof ability

Do safety shoes expire?

When you begin to notice that your safety shoes have lost their insulating properties, then it’s about time to get another one. Inclusively, you should be on the watch for when your waterproof boots suddenly stop being so.

Gaping mouths or fronts

Are you confused about the gaping mouth bit? Well, we consider safety shoes to be thirsty once their upper and sole starts to get separated. It’s normal to think to get that gap closed up but if it becomes recurrent, think again!

Lack of Comfort

Comfort is a major factor to be considered when acquiring safety shoes. Once this begins to wane, it is most likely time to get a new pair. Think about it, what are safety shoes without comfort? Also, note that flexibility is good but bad when excessive.

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Chemical Attack

Do safety shoes expire?

Some safety shoes, especially those made with rubber materials, are susceptible to chemical attacks. These attacks could lead to discolorations, cracks, and other forms of degradation. Once your safety shoes suffer these damages, you may want to get a new pair.

Excessive usage

Your safety shoes require care and “pampering”. It’s not enough to pick a pair off the shelf and proceed to wear them daily. You need to care for them appropriately! Even with the right care, a pair of safety boots will become less protective with continuous or excessive usage.

For this reason, it is advised that you alternate between pairs and get new ones once you notice wear. It is possible to wear a very good pair for long and feel no difference. Yet, you must change that pair after its expiration or the recommended period of use.

OSHA’s approach to the expiration of safety shoes

In 1994, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published a revision on its personnel-protective equipment regulations 29 CFR 1910.136. It stipulated the standard of foot protection and efficient care of safety shoes.

OSHA recommends the use of X-rays in determining when to change your safety boot. Safety shoes have toes that are built to resist the impact of 75 ft-lbs. This property reduces with increased impact but may go unnoticed since the toe is usually covered. This is done only at the discretion of the safety personnel or that of the contractor, employee, or issuer.

Additionally, some professionals suggest that safety shoes should be changed after a severe impact on the toe.

Does storage affect the expiration of safety boots?

This is another important question about safety shoe expiration. Some components of safety shoes are affected by storage.
A good example is the Thermo Polyurethane used in making some outsoles. Overtime this polymer undergoes hydrolysis (which is the chemical breakdown of polymer compounds) even if the shoes haven’t been worn.

Always check the sole of your boots before purchase so you don’t buy one that’s new but expired.

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Safety shoes expire! You may see the signs or not but it is important that you cease to wear expired and damaged safety shoes. Overused boots should also be done away with irrespective of expiration dates. The safety of your feet is paramount and must be protected at all costs!

As usual, we will love to hear from you! Get in touch with us in the comments section. Let us know what you think and how this guide helps.

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How Much Does A Pen Camera Cost?

How Much Does A Pen Camera Cost?

The invention of more smart security devices has made it easy to protect your life, family and properties. One of such devices is the spy camera. The spy camera, as one would expect, is being improved every day, and today we have tiny cameras that can help you keep tabs of the activities around you. Spy pens are very convenient and portable. These cameras can be disguised as regular objects and hidden anywhere. One of such great cover-ups is the pen camera.

A pen camera is exactly what the name depicts. A good old, regular stationery, but this time with extra features to make it even better! It doubles as a writing tool and a security device. With a pen camera, you can take pictures, record audio and video clips, all in stealth mode. They can be used for different personal security purposes. It can either be handheld, or even better, body-worn, and perfectly disguised. It makes you feel like a secret agent straight out of a James bond or Kingsman movie. 

Choosing a pen camera may be an uphill task as there are so many different models. When making a purchase one of the things you may have to consider is the price of the spy pen. The price of spy cameras differs according to the specs of the camera you want to buy. In this post, we will be reviewing the price of spy cameras to save you the stress of window shopping.


The cost of spy pen cameras ranges between $7.79 to almost $90.00. The prices vary and are influenced by certain factors. Some of these factors include:


This is a major area of concern especially if your camera isn’t just for fun. Resolution is a fancy way of referring to the video quality. In the past, spy cameras were known to have poor video resolution compared to other cameras. However, the narrative has now changed. Most spy cameras even have better resolution than professional cameras.

Spy pen cameras with 4k, 2k and 480P resolutions are still making their way into the market. Cameras with 640×480 video resolution are also available. If you’re on a budget, then you can get any of these. But it’s advisable to buy 1080P and 720P cameras which have better video resolution compared to the past. The higher the resolution of your camera, the more expensive it will be.


Some spy pen cameras come with built-in local storage systems. Others have expandable memory which can be supported with SD cards of different sizes. The SD card is used to retrieve data for viewing, transfer, or even to delete, so you can free up space and record new videos. Spy pens with built-in memory systems have USB ports that can be plugged to a PC to retrieve data.

The resolution of the camera can affect its storage capacity. High-resolution videos naturally take up more space than lower ones. The Price of memory cards varies depending on the size and manufacturers. It is advisable to get a known brand with top reviews to prevent issues with your storage while the pen is in use. For pens with inbuilt storage, the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price. Those with 36GB storage systems are valued at higher prices than those of 16GB storage.

Viewing Range

The viewing range of a camera is simply the distance at which details can be captured. Some cameras have a wider view range than others, and this also affects their pricing. The price of pen cameras with a view range of 10-15 m varies between $11.23 to $85.86. While higher ranges between 20-25m cost more.


All digital images have internal noise. Noise can be considered to be grain marks on films. Noise is affected by the ISO settings of the camera. Lower ISO cameras have fine film grain which reduces the noises and gives good image quality. Low image noise gives higher image quality.

Noise is created by the digital sensor of the camera. It also occurs during the conversion of the analogue signal gotten from the sensor to its digital form. All other things being in place, larger pixels equals lesser noise. Most spy pens just like other cameras have the same pixel size. The difference is in the ISO setting. The higher the ISO settings, the more expensive your camera will be. That is because higher ISO settings equal better image quality. 

Other Factors

Other factors like aesthetic features can also affect the price of your spy camera. Consider the colour, camouflage design and cartridge inks. Some spy cameras have more to offer in terms of battery life. The battery of some spy cameras can only last for 2 hours while others have longer battery life. You also have to consider how well it writes, whether it is refillable or not, microphone quality etc. 

In conclusion, the overall quality of your spy camera influences the price. The more advanced your spy pen is, the higher its price. Some pen cameras have all-round features like video recording, audio recording, cloud storage, photo shoots, motion alerts, night mode, device compatibility, wide viewing range, motion detectors/ sensors, and inbuilt storage system. Others are only equipped to record videos. If your spy camera has more appealing features, it will naturally cost more. Before you go shopping, you consider these factors to determine which ones are more important to you. You can also read our review article on the best spy cameras.

While preparing your shopping list, you may also want to explore other home security devices. Building your home security system just got easier with The KeepMeSafe Family Locator Tracker. 

It is an app that helps you keep tabs of your loved ones wherever they are to ensure that they are safe. It has a GPS tracker, video & audio recording, SOS signals and chats! 

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Which Best Pen Cameras Are The Best?

Which Best Pen Cameras Are The Best?

Pen cameras are your best bet for on-the-go video recording or discreet surveillance activities. A pen camera is like the regular pen you use every day only that it has a camera concealed inside it. You can use it to monitor people and take video recordings without being noticed. They can also be used to record official meetings or symposiums. 

Pen cameras are compact and do not look like regular cameras. They come in various designs and configurations, unlike most covert cameras. The most pleasant thing about this camera is that it is convenient and lightweight. You can comfortably carry it around or place it in your shirt pocket without anyone suspecting a thing. They will quickly pass it off as common stationery.  

Pen cameras come with many features which can serve different purposes. Some work like a cell phone camera which can only take pictures. While others are built just for video and audio recording. With the many models available in the market, you may have a hard time choosing which one to buy. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pen cameras out there. This will help you make a good buying decision.

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1. The 1080p HD Hidden Camera Spy Pen 

This spy camera comes top on our list. It has a 1920 x 1080p Full HD video resolution, 200mAh lithium battery and a 30fps frame rate This camera produces excellent image quality, with clear and bright colours.

It has a rechargeable Polymer Lithium battery of 220mAH. The battery is built to last long. You can use it to record for hours without worrying about the battery running down. In addition to all these amazing features, this camera can also be used directly with the plug and play enabled computer through a USB cable. 


2. LKcare Mini Spy Pen Cameras

The LKcare Mini Spy Cam is a 6-inch pen uniquely designed to capture videos with HD image resolutions. It comes with a 12-megapixels camera which has a resolution of 4032 x 3024. All your video footage is stored in an inbuilt 32 GB Micro SD card.

Once the battery is charged for about 45 minutes, the camera can be up and running for over 2 hours. It also comes with an inbuilt light indicator that blinks three times when powered on. You have to be careful with this one so you don’t get caught when the light comes on. 


3. Yumfond Spy Pen Cameras 

This hidden camera comes with HD quality video output. With this camera, you can record videos with an image resolution of 1920 x 1080p. It has a wide-angle view of 90 degrees along with 30 fps smooth recording. The motion detector only records when an object is detected or whenever it senses a movement on the surface. 

However, you won’t be able to record clear videos in low-light areas. The camera also has a USB 2.0 technology for easy connectivity. With this, you can transfer data from your camera to your computer. Finally, it has a high-sensitivity microphone which records sound even when extremely low.


4. iSpyPen Pro

This is the latest and most improved version of the iSpyPen. It has an inbuilt Lithium-ion battery which lasts for 75 minutes on a single charge. This is about twice more than the battery life of other pen cameras. The camera also has a removable USB storage unit, which is available in four different capacities: 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB.

The video quality on the iSpyPen Pro is 1080p which gives excellent image resolution. It is built to record clear videos with one simple click. 


5. GSmade Spy Pen Cameras

For a high-quality image and audio, this device will work perfectly for you. Not many pen cameras are capable of recording in 2K, but this spy camera comes with a 2304 x 1296P Full HD 2K video resolution. Now, that’s amazeballs! The video frame rate is 30 FPS/ 60 FPS which is good for a camera of this size. 

Another amazing feature is the instant response to background light. In most digital cameras, a pixel uses its light receptor, while smaller receptors capture less light. This results in low-light conditions which could produce undesirable images. But with this camera, you don’t have to worry about that. It also has an audio recorder and can run for over 60 minutes when its 380mAH battery is fully charged. 


6. Portocam Spy Pen Camera 1080p Full HD Camera Pen

This camera is really small and perfect for your secret recordings. This device can deliver a 1920P x 1080P HD quality audio-video recording output. It records at a rate of 30 FPS, allowing you to capture a clear picture. This model is also equipped with 6 pieces of IR LED lights for better performance in night mode or low light situations.


7. SpyTech 16GB 1080P HD Spy Pen Camera

This is a fully functional camera with a 480p high-quality video recording. It is also capped with the ability to take 130 megapixel still photos. The most captivating feature is its super small size. It has a 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution and comes with a storage capacity of 32 GB. You can easily use this camera to record while you are writing.


8. Wiseup 16GB Hidden Camera Spy pocket Pen 1080p

This is the last but not the least on our list. The Wiseup spy pen can deliver stunning HD videos with 1920 x 1080p. Its 30fps frame rate allows you to take clear still images.

The accompanying audio is clear, although you might have some issues if there’s a lot of background noise. Above all, this device comes with a long battery life of over three hours. Isn’t that enough to record all you want? 

With many pen cameras available in the market, it is usually hard to make a choice. Always go for what you need. Check out the battery life, video quality and memory capacity while choosing. And pick out one that has your preferred specs. But don’t forget to stick to your budget. 

While checking out these pen cameras, you may also want to explore other home security devices. Building your home security system just got easier with The KeepMeSafe Family Locator Tracker. 

It is an app that helps you keep tabs of your loved ones wherever they are to ensure that they are safe. It has a GPS tracker, video & audio recording, SOS signals and chats! 

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Can I Use a Spy Camera Without WiFi?

Can I Use a Spy Camera Without WiFi?

The subject of internet connectivity is an area of concern for most people who want to get a spy camera. Spy cameras are considered as one of the most creative inventions. Their ability to be disguised as regular objects and hidden anywhere makes them desirable. This is in addition to the fact that they can be used for different security purposes. Spy cameras can be used for your home and office security. You can use them any day and any time, indoors, outdoors, under the rain or sunshine. But there is a little twist.

You need a strong internet connection to use your spy camera. That answers the question, “Can I use a spy camera without WiFi?”

Although this comes with extra cost incurred on internet charges, it also has its perks. You need WiFi to unlock some amazing features in your spy camera like the live streaming, motion alerts, night mode, wide viewing angle and cloud storage. 

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Why Does a Spy Camera Need an Internet Connection?

There are two main reasons why most spy cameras need internet access. They are:

  1. Live feed
  2. Cloud storage.

Live Feed

This is also called remote or real-time viewing. The camera can transmit live video recordings to your selected device. This device could be your smartphone, tablet or computer. Live feeds give you the ability to be in two places at once. You get to see what happens behind your back. This helps you to protect the things and people that are important to you. For this to work, your spy camera and viewing device must be connected to your home WiFi router. You will also need to download a compatible application on your mobile device.

Cloud Storage

This comes in handy when your camera has insufficient storage space. If you don’t have an alternative storage option like an external memory card, then this is your best shot. But you will need an internet connection to upload your video clips to the cloud. 

Video footage stored on the cloud is easily accessible, and are relatively more secure than those on mobile devices. This is because they cannot be wiped, erased, stolen or deleted. Spy cameras with motion detectors do not need cloud storage. These cameras only record when they sense a movement. 



Apart from WiFi routers which have become very common, there are other ways you can connect your devices to the internet. One of such ways is by using your cellular data. You can either use the cellular data from your phone or purchase a cellular security camera.

To use cellular data, all you need is your smartphone, data, and a hotspot connection. Once your cell phone is connected to the internet, simply activate your hotspot, and connect it to the camera. However, your cellular data connection must be strong. And the data transmitter must be close to the spy camera. The farther away you are from the camera, the lesser the signal strength. But you can use a signal booster to increase the speed of connectivity. 

These security cameras are a great step up from the traditional wireless cameras. They make use of mobile networks for their signal transmission. These cameras run on 3G, 4G or 5G networks, just like your cell phone. They are also usually referred to as 3G/ 4G LTE/ 5G mobile cameras. Cellular cameras can be mounted anywhere. You will need a sim card with a data plan to transmit videos effectively. Such spy cameras can be either battery or solar-powered.



If you are on a budget, you may not be able to afford the extra expenses that come with internet charges. How can you use your spy camera without the internet? There is a way out. Not all spy cameras need the internet to work. Most spy cameras do, but not all. There are spy cameras that do not require any form of internet connection to function. However, the features you are allowed to access in these types of spy cameras are limited.

You can access the basic features with ease. Your spy camera can be used to record video footage and take snapshots. But premium features like live streaming, night mode and cloud storage are placed on lockdown. Such cameras make use of local storage devices like external SD cards. Some are connected to NVR and DVR video recorders. An example of this type of spy camera is the ALIWESTCOM and KONPCOIU mini spy hidden camera.



With these non-WiFi spy cameras, you can save your data, and as a result your money. Unlike WiFi cameras which record large video files, occupy more storage space and consume more data subscriptions. It is also difficult, if not impossible to hack into a system without an internet connection. Your spy camera is secured from hackers. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.



Limited Access to Live Footage

Non-WiFi cameras do not support live video streaming. You can only watch your video recordings as a recap- minutes, hours or maybe even days later. This completely rules out any chance of getting real-time notifications when there is a strange activity in your home or property. Thus, if your family is in danger, you will be in the dark until you can watch the recorded video later in the day.  

Storage Limitations

Local storage for your videos may pose a problem. While you can easily take out your SD card and transfer video files to a folder on your PC, a lot could go wrong. First, there’s the tendency to forget. The storage space may get full, and your camera may stop recording without your knowledge. SD cards are very tiny and could be misplaced in the course of the transfer. Thus, you lose all the footage already stored on it. Cloud storage helps you avoid these problems.

To enjoy your spy camera’s maximum capacity, you need a strong internet connection. Although this adds to cost, you don’t want to miss out on all these amazing features.

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