Worrying about your kids’ safety is like swimming in an ocean with no land in sight. The anxiety just never stops. With the stories of children being abused by their caregivers, you can’t help but get paranoid over the safety of your child. That’s why most parents now use a nanny camera to monitor their child’s activities when they are away from home.

Nanny cameras can also be used to keep an eye on your elderly parents, employees and pets. If you’re considering getting a nanny camera for your home, there are some things you should consider. Let’s begin by explaining what a nanny camera is.

What is a Nanny Camera? 

It is also called a spy camera or a human monitoring device. Nanny camera is a type of video surveillance device which parents use to monitor their nanny, babysitter or house keeper’s interactions with their children. It acts as your eyes and ears when you leave your kids at home with their nanny. This way you can see what your kids have been up to while you are away at work. These spy devices can be hidden inside clocks, in bookshelves or even stuffed in your kids’ teddy bear. 

Nanny cameras come in two different categories; the wired and wireless cameras. The wireless nanny cameras are preferable as they can’t be easily detected. You can watch the video footage on your computers, iPads, iPhones and even your TV.

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Things a Nanny Cam Can Do For You

If you’re considering hiring a nanny or babysitter, then you should get a nanny camera. It comes in handy for first-time parents who are still getting used to being a new mum or dad. You should get one if you have toddlers who are hyperactive and can’t sit still in a place. It gives a sense of peace that you can tell where your kids are and what they’ve been up to. With a nanny camera, you can tell that they are not in any form of danger, and even if they are, you’d get to know in time. Here are some things that a nanny camera can do for you.

  • Effective Communication With Your Kids

Imagine you are a single parent who just landed her dream job, but has to work late into the night at 8 pm. You need that job as much as you want to be involved in your child’s life. Now, you have no choice but to leave your kids in the care of a total stranger. But with a nanny camera, you can keep in touch with them even when you’re not physically present.

Nanny cameras have a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with your children wherever they are. You can speak to your kids while monitoring their activities from work. If you’re busy with chores and your kids decide to take their fun outside, you can keep tabs on them to ensure they don’t go playing in the street. 

It also enables you to give instructions to their nanny. You can call this kind of nanny camera an effective deterrence tool. The babysitter wouldn’t dare to harm your kids knowing that you’ve got your eyes on her. Wyze Cam, YI Home Camera and meShare EzCam Pro are examples of great two-way audio nanny cams that you could try.

  • Protecting Your Child From Abuse

It can be quite difficult to leave your kids in the care of a stranger, especially having heard stories of parents whose children were abused by their caregivers and relatives. I don’t need to tell the trauma such an experience could cause your child. Whether it is verbal, sexual or physical abuse, no parent wants that for their child. You don’t want your kids resenting you for failing to protect them, but you can’t possibly sit at home with them every hour of the day. Sometimes you have to step out to get some groceries and other times, you have to work.  

This is where a nanny camera comes in handy. You can use it to monitor the interactions between your kids and their nanny. This way you get to see and hear everything that goes on when you’re not at home. You can step out every day knowing that your child is in safe hands. And if you were to notice any behaviour changes in your child, you would know how to trace the problem. 

  • Sensing Intruders on Your Property

Most nanny cams possess motion sensors that can help you detect when an uninvited guest walks into your house. You can also plant them outdoors to monitor places like your garage, the lawn and the swimming pool. Check out Lilexo Mini Camera, SIRGAWAIN Mini Spy Camera and Ahlirmoy Mini Spy Camera for great motion detection features.

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Elderly Relatives

If you are considering employing a caregiver to tend to your old and vulnerable relatives, a nanny camera can help you ensure that their needs are being met by the caregiver. You wouldn’t want them mistreating your sickly elderly parents and grannies in your absence. 

  • Supervising Your Employees

You can also use nanny cameras to supervisor employees and co-workers in your workplace. It’s no easy task supervising those who work under you. It can be even more challenging when you run a big company with a large workforce. Nanny cameras can lend a helping hand. You can use them to monitor how your employees attend to customers and discharge their duties in your absence. You want to ensure they are putting in their “A” game for the huge paychecks they receive at the end of the month.

Issues With Using a Nanny Camera

Despite all you can achieve from using a nanny cam, there are some downsides you should look out for.

  • Legal Issues

While you can take video footage of your kids and their nanny, some countries have laws that forbid you from recording their conversation. This is why most parents opt for the non-audio nanny cameras. If you must take audio recordings, then you must get the consent of the parties involved. I know you want to hear what the nanny is saying to your kids, but a good video recording will show you all there is to know. If your country prohibits the use of audio nanny cameras, you can go for cameras like Blink Home Security Camera and  ZOHULU Spy Camera that have high image resolution.

  • Privacy Violation

Using audio nanny cams could expose your family’s privacy. If your nanny camera is hacked, an intruder can gain access into your home. Your home could also be subject to break-ins. So, If you intend to get a nanny camera, you must take precautionary measures and install fail-proof security systems in your house. Secure your WiFi network and password to prevent anyone from hacking your nanny camera. When not in use, turn off the camera and disconnect it from the internet. 

As a parent, you’ll often find yourself asking, 

“Are my kids safe?”

That’s why parents continue to turn to nanny cameras for help. The decision of whether to install a nanny camera in your home is a personal choice, but you must consider the pros and cons before making that purchase. If you have a bad feeling about leaving your kids alone with their nanny, then you should get one so you don’t lose your mind worrying over your kids. And if you eventually decide to get one, ensure you pick the best one in the market. 

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